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To provide the best possible insurance protection and service for qualified property owners in our operating area, at the lowest possible rates that will provide both the financial security and the stability to continue, and to broaden the mutual insurance concept of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.


Mid-Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company was formed from the mergers of three Township Mutuals. Graham Mutual Insurance Company, from the Rice, MN area, merged with Wakefield Farmers Mutual Insurance Company on January 1, 1990, and the merged company was renamed Mid-Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company.

On January 1, 2002, Mid-Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company merged with Glendorado Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, from the Princeton, MN area. Mid-Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company retained the Graham Mutual Insurance Company charter, which incorporated September 1, 1894.

With Graham Mutual organizing in 1894, Wakefield Mutual in 1895, and Glendorado Farmers in 1899, this merged company represents many years of service and stability, through wars, depression, and many other dramatic events. In many cases these companies provided protection and security for multiple generations of the same families.

These companies persevered by providing their members affordable protection, reliable service, and products to fit the needs of the consumers in this area as the times and needs changed. The Company continues to grow and seeks to provide the product and services that are needed in the communities it serves.

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Steve Schwieters – Manager
Stacy Schmidtbauer – Office Manager
Bob Oswald – Inspector/Adjuster
Renee Baker – Customer Service Representative
Melissa Gerads – Underwriter
Board of Directors
Kurt Beckstrom
Chris Carlson
Jim Gans
Dave Scapanski
Mark Wilhelm
Jim Young

If the payment made is not honored by the bank or if the information is entered incorrectly and does does not process, a charge of $15.00 will be added to your premium. This is the amount we are charged for returned, unprocessed payments. Please check your account numbers closely! 

Payments not processed due to NSF (non-sufficient funds) will be charged $25.00

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